Welcome to the world of wellness with Himalayan rocksalt! 

Explore our pure and natural products crafted from rocksalt of the highest quality obtained from the Himalayan mines. We have products for healing, wellness and decor. These are natural, environment-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
Our latest premium offering is Rocksalt Wellness Spa projects – we provide end-to-end services including consultancy, creation of décor, supply of all raw material, actual set-up and training of staff. We have already set up a rocksalt cave in Mysore and are working on a few more such projects.


Visit our recently opened, one-of-a-kind wellness shop: Mineralz – at Kandivali, Mumbai to see and get a feel of our unique products.

Pioneer in India for Himalayan Salt Lamps and other rock salt products which are made from natural salt crystals which are millions of years old and are found only in the areas around the Himalayas. We offer Rocksalt Lamps, Pink Salt Blocks, Tiles, Cooking Organic Salt, Pain Relief Crystals and Bath Salts. Pristine, beautiful, enviro-friendly and unique - this combination of rocksalt products make them an ideal choice as gifts.

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Naturo Salutes the achievers

Through its products, Naturo makes an attempt to make the environment more eco-friendly and the people more energetic and focused. Naturo believes in alternative therapies and chemical-free healing mechanisms, and hopes to propagate abundance of positive energy which in turn results in a better mind, body and soul. We proudly salute the masters who share similar values.
  1. Mr. Erik Berglund (Master of Healing thru Music)
  2. Dr. Newton (Expert in Past Life Regression)
  3. Sri Sri Ravishankar (Greatest Guru – needs no introduction)
  4. Brahmarshi Patriji (Founder – Pyramid Spiritual Society)
  5. Ms. Jasmuheen (Pranayam expert)