Health Benefits

    • Reduces fatigue and counters EMF (Electro Magnetic Pollution) effects from electronic equipment
    • Minimizes the effects of all radiation, pollution and smog from the air
    • Reduces Depression and histamine (which triggers hay fever)
    • Has beneficial effects on anyone suffering from bronchial complaints such as bronchitis and common cold
    • Helps sufferers of insomnia, migraine, headaches, tiredness, and general feelings of malaise Increases the speed and quality of healing of burns and surgical incisions with less infection and reduced pain Enhances the body’s absorption and utilization of oxygen, thus assisting concentration and alertness
    • Reduces the effects of passive smoking, and allergies to pollen, dust and pets
    • Removes and destroys airborne bacteria and viruses Effective for catarrh, sinus, eczema, burns, emphysema, and can even be substituted for tranquilizers
    • Balances the effects of levels of serotonin, (a chemical in the brain associated with anxiety and mood stress) resulting in people feeling more alert, stable and energetic

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