Cooking Products

Naturo Organic salt

Natural Organic Salt is pure and natural, made without any refining or any addition of chemicals. Normally all organic food manufacturers use refined free flow iodized salt as the ingredient of the product which contains chemicals like potassium iodate, ferrocynite, silica and sometimes magnesium carbonate. These chemicals enter our system along with the salt through organic food.

These are available in pure white color in 1kg bags.

Naturo Rocksalt Cooking Plates

Besides good ambience, the taste of food depends on what it is cooked on, and how it is served. Naturo rocksalt cooking plates help retain the flavours of the food cooked as well as temperature of the food served. Most of the chefs in major Hotel chains recommend the usage of these plates to enhance the eating experience.

These are available in round and rectangular shapes and are ideal for homes and restaurants.