Naturo Special Products

Naturo rocksalt tiles

Naturo Himalayan rocksalt tiles are used for creating a small room or decor on the wall. These can be lit with a bulb behind, to produce a beautiful effect. These are available in size of 8 in x 4 in x 2 in.

Naturo Harmony crystals

Naturo Harmony crystals are good-luck crystals that provide positive energy in the 4 corners of the room. They are used during auspicious occasions or generally in the room for getting rid of negative energies. They are available in bags of 1 kg.

Naturo Tequilla Glasses

Naturo Tequilla Glasses are long, cylindrical containers made out of rocksalt. These glasses are used for Tequilla shots, and lend a very classy feeling. The glasses need to be wiped clean after use and kept away from moisture. These are white and light-pink in color and available in single and double packs. Each glass can hold about 30 ml.

Naturo Rocksalt Salad Bowls

Imagine, adding a subtle flavor or rocksalt to your organic food. Naturo Rocksalt Bowls have a deep bowl shape and are ideal for preparing and serving vegetables and fruits. The salad stays fresh, and tastes better.