Rocksalt Spa Projects

As you would agree, today’s life is very hectic, with lots of stress caused at the workplace, home and even when travelling. Relaxation of the mind and body is a necessity and there are various ways of doing this, a visit to a spa being one of them.

A new concept in wellness, “Rocksalt Spa” which is highly popular in many countries has been brought to India by us. Rocksalt as we all know, is a source of positive energy and when lit, releases abundance of beneficial negative ions that help distress and energizes us. When you are inside a Rocksalt Spa, surrounded by Himalayan rocksalt and listening to soothing music, the freshness touches the soul. It has many benefits including improved breathing and circulation. In many countries, doctors advise patients to visit such spas for healing and relief from certain diseases.

Naturo has helped set up a Himalayan salt spa in Mysore, at Hebbal Industrial Area. The spa has a seating capacity of about 10 people who can relax and perform breathing and wellness activities. The customers who have tried it have shared their positive experiences and spreading the word around.

Naturo provides the following services from Concept-to-Operation:

  • Assessment and proposal considering various factors such as location, climate, size of the facility, type of décor, kind of clientele expected, budget, etc.
  • Design of the spa based on specific theme, with exquisite décor recommendations
  • Supply of all material excluding furniture
  • Set-up and start support of the spa
  • Training to staff
  • Running day-to-day operations
  • Starting your own Rocksalt Spa would be an exciting venture idea due to the uniqueness of the concept and the fact that it does not require a huge investment. Even if you have a wellness spa, a Hotel, a fitness center, a parlour, a hospital, etc. you can consider extending it to build a rocksalt spa. Room size is not a constraint; in fact many people even convert one of their small rooms into such a spa for relaxation at home. Larger spas could be made to accommodate a group of people for activities such as yoga, exercises, or general fun with the family.

    Besides being able to provide a wellness environment to customers, this business would be quite profitable and can be an added attraction at your premises.