Mr. Avinash Patil

IT Professional

I have found that my infant boy feels better with the use of the Naturo lamp in our bedroom. Earlier he used to cry a lot and we could not sleep well. Now we are much more relaxed. I have also bought a Flower-shaped lamp for my living room, which goes well with my decor and is the centre of attraction for all my visitors.

Mr. Kaushal Desani

Sales Executive

I purchased the oil-drop shaped Naturo lamp and I used to keep it in my living room. It made me feel a lot relaxed after a long days work. Now I have moved it to my bedroom and I have placed Naturo tea-lights in my dining room. I am enjoying a candle-lit dinner every night and I wake up refreshed every morning.

Mr. Dheeraj Ramanandi

Businessman, London

I was in Mumbai for a short visit and found that my feet pained a lot because I am not used to walking too much. My cousin suggested that I dip my feet in warm water containing dissolved Naturo Rock Salt crystals. I could get a lot of relief in my feet and when I returned to London, I made sure I brought back a large container of Naturo crystals.

Mr. Vishwanath


I do meditation. I can more easily go into meditative state now after placing salt lamp in my room. I used to have severe backaches due to cervical slipdisk. Surprisingly my shoulder aches have come down.

Mr. Vinay Mistry

Sales Executive

I have been using your lamp for last three months in my mothers bed-room. After placing a Naturo lamp in her room she is probably getting better sleep and feels fresh in the morning. She has cooled down a bit and is more co-operative in the house. This is the reason my younger brother wants to buy similar salt lamp.

Mr. K.R. Shah


I have been suffering from severe Asthma for last four years. Due to the polluted air particles I never had good sleep. Once I placed your Salt Lamp in my bed room I could notice the difference within 4 days. My problem is reduced by atleast 70%. Now I have better sleep, find my self fresh in the morning and have become more active at the age of 72 years. I have placed lamps in my office and living room also.

Mrs. Nandini Joshi


I have been suffering from Arthritis and Eczema for some time. I am following Homeopathy treatment for such problems. I heard about Salt therapy and tried your Naturo Salt Lamps and salt bath. I have been using the same for last three weeks and found that there is a noticeable improvement in my health. I have not been cured in three weeks but I feel the Salt products are supporting my treatment and I am very positive about further improvements in near future.

Mr. Chandrashekhar Chandekar

Alternative Therapist, Reiki Expert, Vastu Consultant

We have tested the rock salt lamps with PIP scanning and found them quite effective. Especially the oil drop shape lamp gives out discharge of positive harmonizing and healing energies through the narrow end on the top and absorbed negative energies are seen in the broader end. In a cancer patient, it has discharged golden fluorescent green energies in the Aura of the patient and red energies in his Aura are attracted by the lamp.

These lamps have been also found to induce peaceful sleep and definitely helped the Asthmatic patients as they really work like ionizer reducing pollutants and irritants in the atmosphere giving relief to Asthmatic patients. We have also tried the bath salt for Aura cleaning and obtained good results. The bigger rock salt crystals kept in the corners of the room has absorbed all negative energies and cleared the rooms. This was confirmed by using Egyptian lamps to check this.

Bath salt is found to be effective in relieving pain by applying to the painful part after heating it in the oven. On our recommendation one Dr. Mrs.Gulavani from Ambarnath, used the lamp and found it quite useful. So now she has purchased 3 lamps to keep them at her residence and even clinic. Mr. Pratap Nair from Dombivali found that the lamp gave relief to his mother who suffers from Asthma. So he has purchased 3 lamps and kept one in each room. Now his mother does not get asthmatic attacks frequently. He is also using Rock Crystals in the corners of his room.